The Philippines to provide support to its creators in the Metaverse

the Philippines to provide support to its creators in the Metaverse, provide support to its creators in the Metaverse, the Philippines to provide support to its creators,

The Philippines to provide support to its creators in the Metaverse

The Metaverse of Meta – Facebook has been one of the most mysterious technology matters in the current digital era. Although the success of Metaverse is still a matter to be debated in the future, the Philippines has taken the necessary measures to enter and integrate into this market.

The Philippines has partnered with Stardust Digital Private Ltd., a Singapore-based company that aims to connect creators in the entertainment world to a global audience and creator community, to help local creators confidently create content in virtual worlds and better reach a global audience.

Bureau of Copyright and Related Rights (BCRR) Director Emerson G. Cuyo announced that “the promotion, use, commercialization, and monetization of their intellectual property creations are all things that the metaverse enables our artists and creatives to have more influence over in a way that has never been seen before. The Philippines has always been known for the intrinsic creativity and ability of its people, so whether we view the metaverse as an extension of the physical world or a completely new digital universe, it stands to help the country’s creative industry.”

He added, “The metaverse will therefore be a significant marketplace where we may advertise original Filipino works of art.”

Discussing the reason why the Philippines has become the 1st metaverse market they chose for their expansion campaign, Stardust elaborated: “This place is filled with so many gifted artists and forward-thinking businesses that are aware of the countless opportunities that Web3 offers. We anticipate working with partners in the Philippines like IPOPHL, one of the first national institutions to have the metaverse world on its radar, on a number of intriguing projects.”

IPOPHL and Stardust have agreed to collaborate and promote the development, protection, commercialization, and internationalization of original Philippine-registered intellectual property (IP) products and services, as well as creative content, via the Stardust metaverse.

The signing event in July also served as a soft launch for Stardust, which hopes to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

The event also paved the way for several collaborations between the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines (SIKAP), the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), Animation Producer Lawrence Panganiban, Stardust’s Southeast Region Head and IP Ecologist Magoo Del Mundo, Taktyl Studios, Overmind, Thirty Six-0, Robosheep, and SeedCore Inc.

The announcement of NeoManila and Cebu Entertainment City — virtual cities that will be built in Stardust — was also made at the event. Five companies have signed contracts to open offices in NeoManila.

“We want to create a virtual world in which creators can share their creative magic with their fans and communities can connect and grow. This is a call to all aspiring and experienced filmmakers, animators, game developers, comic book artists, and musicians. I’ll see you in Stardust!” Del Mundo of Stardust added.

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