Vietnam’s trademark examination procedure has recently changed

The Vietnam Intellectual Property Office (NOIP) has made some adjustments to the country’s trademark examination process. Some of these yet-to-be-official updates are based on the following: Acceptability of LOC (letters of the consent) in trademark registration The VNIPO tends to accept a LOC if: 1) the applied-for trademark is not identical to the cited mark, and 2) the LOC contains information about the applied-for and cited marks, and the parties, and statements from the right owner of the cited mark. The legal status of cited [...]

Vietnam Temporarily Reduces Some IP Fees by 50%

Vietnam Temporarily Reduces Some IP Fees by 50%

In response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam recently issued Circular No. 45/2020 / TT-BTC dated May 26, 2020 reduction of the registration fee for the use of foreign codes and barcodes and certain industrial property fees (“Circular 45”) as specified in Circular No. 263/2016 / TT-BTC dated November 14, 2016. According to Circular 45, the following fees as previously specified in Section A of the Schedule attached to Circular 263 will [...]

Vietnam: Training on using an intellectual property service platform IPPLATFORM

Vietnam: Training on using an intellectual property service platform IPPLATFORM

With industrial property databases integrated from many sources, the IPPLATFORM platform is an effective tool for government management and intellectual property-related services. The new intellectual property platform On April 10 in Hanoi, the seminar “Promoting the exploitation of information and managing industrial property services” was organized by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (VIPRI – Ministry of Science and Technology). The seminar focused on the training of S&T departments on how to use the IPPLATFORM platform. This is the platform for [...]

Vietnam's Intellectual Property Law Amendment Draft Protecting property rights in a digital environment

Vietnam’s Intellectual Property Law Amendment Draft: Protecting property rights in a digital environment

One of the issues that lawyers and delegates attending the seminar “Consultation about the project to amend and supplement several articles of the Law on Intellectual Property” held in Ho Chi Minh City on 12/3/2021 concern is about the intellectual property rights in the digital environment. Most people expect this revision of the Intellectual Property Law will contribute to improving the efficiency of enforcement of intellectual property rights in Vietnam. In August 2020, VNG Corporation sued TikTok – a social networking [...]

AAA IPRIGHT is One of The 7 Best Intellectual Property Lawyers in Singapore

The website Best In Singapore has selected AAA IPRIGHT is one of the 7 Best Intellectual Property Lawyers in Singapore along with 06 other firms: Tan Lee & Partners, PKWA Law, Rajah & Tann Singapore, Mirandah Law, Draw & Napier and Schweiger & Partners.  7. AAA IPRIGHT EXPERTISE Trademark Registration WEBSITE ADDRESS 39 Robinson Road, #20 – 03 Robinson Point, Singapore CONTACT DETAILS +65 8652 2764/ If you want to register your trademark in Singapore, then you can rely on AAA IPRIGHT. This Singaporean-based law firm offers its services to other countries such as Southeast Asian [...]

Form POA Trademark in Vietnam, Power of Attorney for Trademark in Vietnam

Questions of filing trademark in Vietnam: POA, Trademark requirement and trademark fee in Vietnam.

Question: My client is interested to file more than one trademark application at the same time in Vietnam, but he only signed 1 Power of Attorney. Is 1 original Power of Attorney sufficient for filing more than 1 application in Vietnam? If not, is a copy of the Power of Attorney for the second application sufficient? AAA IPRIGHT: It is advised that we only need 01 POA for different trademarks under the same applicant. Question: Can a Vietnam Power of Attorney [...]

CPTPP: Effective in Vietnam

CPTPP is officially effective in Vietnam and trademark law

CPTPP: Effective in Vietnam After a period of time, CPTPP has been effective in Vietnam from January 14, 2019. According to the agreement Vietnam shall amend their intellectual property. There are some changes to regulations on trademark and patent in Vietnam. Vietnamese economy is booming during the last years and becoming the attractive destination for foreign investment. Following the increasing of foreign investment, the number of patent filing or trademark filing in Vietnam is also increased. Annually, the total number of [...]

Form POA Trademark in Vietnam, Power of Attorney for Trademark in Vietnam

Form of POA Trademark In Vietnam

POWER OF ATTORNEY (Form POA Trademark in Vietnam) I/ We, the undersigned: Representative of: Address: Hereby empower ______________________________________________________ at ________________________________________________________________ to proceed on my/our behalf in Viet Nam with protection, registration, renewal our intellectual property, re-granting the certificate of objects such as Patent, Utility Solution, Industrial Design, Trademark, Copyright, etc and settlement of infringement related to our intellectual property rights as well as translation of the necessary papers and documents in accordance with the laws and regulations. Consequently, ______________________________ is authorized to prepare the necessary paper, sign [...]

Trademark in Vietnam, Vietnam Trademark, trademark registration in Vietnam

Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Trademark in Vietnam, Vietnam Trademark, Vietnam Trademark Registration How to have exclusive rights to your trademark in Vietnam? The answer is to register trademark in Vietnam. The following article shall guide the procedure of trademark registration in Vietnam.  1. What should you prepare before applying trademark registration in? You need to prepare the following information: + Sample of trademark to register in Vietnam. Trademark in Vietnam could be Words or Logo. You could also see what is trademark in Vietnam here. + List out [...]

5 significant Amendments to Regulations on Vietnam Trademark and Vietnam IP Law

Trademark in Vietnam, Vietnam Trademark Vietnam has launched Circular No. 16/2016/TT-BKHCN (also called Circular No. 16) showing significant amendments to examination process of Vietnam Intellectual Property subject matters (Vietnam IP Law) including Vietnam trademark, Vietnam patent and others. 1. Power of Attorney (POA) + New Vietnam trademark application: POA could be filed within 01 month from the filing date of Vietnam trademark application. + Appealing cases: 10 days from the filing date of the appeal.  2. Time limits for filing response to Office Action (Applicable [...]

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