Trademark registration in Chile

Budget saving trademark registration with AAA IPRIGHT. To protect your brand your company’s reputation, register a trademark in Chile. Chile is a high-ranking country on the World Bank’s ease of doing business index, and it continues to attract commercial innovators. It is important to register your trademark in Chile in order to compete with other opportunity seekers. By registering your trademark in Chile, you ensure the income of your company and the omnipresence of your brand. In Chile, a registered trademark can [...]


Vietnam’s trademark examination procedure has recently changed

The Vietnam Intellectual Property Office (NOIP) has made some adjustments to the country’s trademark examination process. Some of these yet-to-be-official updates are based on the following: Acceptability of LOC (letters of the consent) in trademark registration The VNIPO tends to accept a LOC if: 1) the applied-for trademark is not identical to the cited mark, and 2) the LOC contains information about the applied-for and cited marks, and the parties, and statements from the right owner of the cited mark. The legal status of cited [...]

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