Our Attorneys

We have offices, branches and associates in 22 countries including 72 trademark attorneys. Our attorneys are experts on trademark matters and can analyze and advise you on all aspects related to trademarks.

Founder of AAA IPRIGHT

AAA IPRIGHT is founded by LLM. Paul P. Before opening AAA IPRIGHT worked for different famous IP firms. He has nearly 16 years in the field of IP, particularly in the trademark and copyright industry.

He is known as the leading one in providing trademark advice in ASEAN countries for a decade. He is featured as a person who could offer one common gate for trademark applicants from westerns countries, ASIA countries to prosecute their trademarks in ASEAN with fast, qualified services and affordable quotation.

In addition, Mr. Paul is helping trademark applicants from ASEAN countries to quicker registration of their trademarks with more competitive fees to other countries in ASIA, US, EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries.

AAA IPRIGHT is considered as his desire to offer trademarks more convenient ways to protect their rights through updated intellectual property news, portfolio management, quick trademark registration procedure, online consultancy and prior advice before officially registering trademark in a specific country or region.

Our leading attorneys include but not limited to the following ones:

Our leading trademark attorneys

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