Thailand finalizes new Trademark Examination Manual, new Trademark Examination Manual of Thailand, Trademark Examination Manual of Thailand, new Trademark Examination Manual

Thailand finalizes new Trademark Examination Manual

Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (“DIP”) released its finalized trade mark Examination Manual (“Examination Manual”) on January 17, 2022. The final Examination Manual is an improvement over the prior Manuals and Draft. The Examination Manual gives examiners guidance for trade mark examination in areas where the Trademark Act leaves it up to them. Since January 17, 2022, all trade mark applications, including those filed prior to that date, have been examined using the new Examination Manual. The final Examination Manual is [...]

Keynotes learned from the Champagne trademark battle, Champagne trademark battle, IP battle of champagne, Champagne legal problem

Keynotes learned from the “Champagne” trademark battle

Champagne has always been one of the most favored drinks in the history of mankind. However, not all things that are too famous and good are ‘good’. As the decisions relating to the IP conflicts of champagne have come to a close, we now take a closer look at the keynotes learned from the “Champagne” trademark battle. In the IP field, when something is too famous, there will be many parties that like to use that famous in order to [...]

The issue of trademark registration with hemp and cannabis products in Thailand, Cannabis and hemp in Thailand, Cannabis and hemp, Role of cannabis and hemp in IP field in Thailand

The issue of trademark registration with hemp and cannabis products in Thailand 

As the world develops, there is also the need to amend the current regulations that might not too suitable for the developing world. Within the IP world in Thailand, there is currently a problem with some of the plants that are not compatible with the law of this country, specifically hemp and cannabis and its products. Cannabis and hemp have been forbidden in many countries due to their lethal products and their effect on society.  However, in Thailand, from 2019 until [...]

The problems about data privacy regulations in Thailand, The current issue with Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act, The restriction on Data Controller and/or Data Processor, The consent from the data subject

The problems about data privacy regulations in Thailand

Personal data protection is one of Thailand’s major focuses in recent times. Accordingly, this country has set out many new regulations as well as practical solutions to protect its citizen’s personal data. This also means the complete eradicate of any factors or problems that damages or can cause harm to personal data. One of the problems with data privacy regulations in Thailand is about the Data Controller and/or Data Processor that will likely be resolved in the upcoming update [...]

Thailand Intellectual Property Licensing Laws

Thailand’s Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Laws

The term Intellectual Property (IP) refers to inventions of the human creative mind such as , literary and artistic works; inventions; designs; and commercial symbols, names, and pictures. Despite the fact that intellectual property is a tremendous tool for economic development and wealth generation, it is not being utilized to its full potential in all nations. Intellectual property has always played an important role in the globalization of social, economic, and cultural development. Building a robust intellectual property portfolio is [...]

Thailand significant courtroom victory trademarking video game titles

Thailand: significant courtroom victory trademarking video game titles

A video game’s title is perhaps one of the most valuable assets a game developer owns. When a game title is registered as a trademark, it gives the owner exclusive rights to the title and prevents others from using it for their own games, goods, or services. However, whether a game title is descriptive of the computer game is a question that has arisen periodically in Thailand in connection with trademark applications for video game titles. According to current practice, [...]

INTA published Unfair Competition Laws Quick Guide, Unfair Competition Laws, Unfair Competition Laws Quick Guide, INTA’s Unfair Competition Committee

INTA published Unfair Competition Laws Quick Guide

On September 14, 2021, INTA’s Unfair Competition Committee (UCC), Policy Subcommittee voted to approve a Board Resolution, prohibit various forms of unfair competition even though the national statutes or governing laws are diverse in nature. Specifically, the data in the Unfair Competition Quick Guide covers 24 countries, including those in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Sponsored by INTA’s Unfair Competition Committee (UCC) —Policy Subcommittee, the resolution focuses largely on obligations contained in the TRIPS Agreement and is a [...]

The 8th BPIP Annual Conference starts on October 25th 2021, Best Practices Intellectual Property

The 8th BPIP Annual Conference starts on October 25th, 2021

The 8th Best Practices Intellectual Property (BPIP) Annual Conference is about to be commenced on October 25th, 2021 in Sheraton Hotel, Tel Aviv. This conference will bring global decision-makers and international IP experts to Tel Aviv both physically and spiritually through the internet to discuss global issues on IP, trends, and legislation regarding IP matters. Participating in the virtual BPIP conference, brand owners and practitioners from across the world can get the latest update on IP matters in the world, [...]

IP Litigation & Enforcement Guide in Thailand, IP Litigation in Thailand, IP Enforcement Guide in Thailand, Thailand IP Litigation, Thailand Enforcement Guide

IP Litigation & Enforcement Guide in Thailand

There have been many questions and concerns about the procedure of IP litigation and IP enforcement in Thailand. However, in the IP industry in Thailand, we still haven’t had a clear guideline for rights holders as well as the parties related to its procedures. This article will address some common questions and concerns of the IP litigation and enforcement landscape in Thailand, primarily the sections revolving around civil and criminal enforcement. Methods for enforcing IP rights in Thailand The procedures for [...]

Thailands IP Filing System Has Been Temporarily Closed

Thailand’s IP Filing System Has Been Temporarily Closed Due to Covid-19 Prevention Measures

From July 20 to August 3, private companies and government entities in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area and neighboring provinces must apply rigorous work-from-home restrictions for 14 days, with very few exceptions, as part of the Thai government’s newest Covid-19 prevention efforts (subject to extension). During this time, the Thai Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) will close its physical receiving office and move all applications and requests to an entirely online filing system. The DIP will improve its IT infrastructure from [...]

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