Trademark in Chile, Chile trademark, Trademark fee in Chile, Trademark search in Chile

Required documents for trademark renewal in Chile

In order to renew or maintain a trademark registration in a country, we need to submit some relevant documents. So what are required documents for trademark renewal in Chile? Read these information below to have an in-depth understanding! Here are list of required documents and general information: To renew a trademark registration, you must submit a trademark renewal application form FPI-57. The form must include: The registration number to be renewed and the expiration date of the registration. The trademark only if it is [...]

Trademark in Chile, Chile trademark, Trademark fee in Chile, Trademark search in Chile

Procedure of trademark renewal in Chile

When your trademark registration is about to expire, you must do a few crucial things in order to renew it. Below is some useful facts that will help you gain a better knowledge of Chile’s timeline in renewing trademark. Timeline A trade mark registration is valid for 10 years with a possibility to renew every 10-year periods. An Expiry Notice will be sent to you two months before the renewal date, asking whether you want to renew the registration or let the [...]


Trademark registration in Chile

Budget saving trademark registration with AAA IPRIGHT. To protect your brand your company’s reputation, register a trademark in Chile. Chile is a high-ranking country on the World Bank’s ease of doing business index, and it continues to attract commercial innovators. It is important to register your trademark in Chile in order to compete with other opportunity seekers. By registering your trademark in Chile, you ensure the income of your company and the omnipresence of your brand. In Chile, a registered trademark can [...]

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