WIPO collaborates with IPOPHL on access to WIPO’s Alert Data Sharing Platform

WIPO collaborates with IPOPHL on access to WIPO’s Alert Data Sharing Platform, IPOPHL on access to WIPO’s Alert Data Sharing Platform, WIPO collaborates with IPOPHL ,

WIPO collaborates with IPOPHL on access to WIPO’s Alert Data Sharing Platform

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) have entered into a collaborative effort to grant IPOPHL access to WIPO’s Alert Data Sharing Platform. This platform compiles a list of globally recognized pirated websites, presenting the potential to enhance IPOPHL’s capabilities in blocking such sites.

The partnership was facilitated by a recently signed letter of understanding (LOU) between WIPO Director General Daren Tang and IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba.

By becoming part of this platform, the Philippines through IPOPHL gains access to information about websites that other WIPO member states suspect of infringing on intellectual property.

With this access, IPOPHL can bolster its scrutiny of web addresses associated with site-blocking requests. If a concerning website is identified on the WIPO Data Sharing Platform list, IPOPHL possesses more compelling evidence to request the National Telecommunications Commission to restrict access to the site, as explained by Barba.

Moreover, IPOPHL has the capability to contribute to the list of “sites of concern” by uploading its own “national list.” The office is also responsible for promptly updating this list by removing any web address that is no longer a cause for concern or is unjustified.

WIPO ALERT is a secure, online platform that allows authorized bodies in WIPO member states to upload details of websites or apps that have been determined to infringe copyright according to national rules.

Advertisers, advertising agencies, and their technical service providers can apply to become authorized users of WIPO ALERT to access aggregated lists of infringing websites from around the world.

They can use this information in their automated advertising systems to avoid placing advertisements on such sites, thereby avoiding subsidizing copyright infringement and protecting their brands from the negative reputational effect of association with illegal activities.

WIPO ALERT is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Copyright Commission. The platform provides a list of well-known pirated websites worldwide and has the potential to improve site-blocking capabilities.

In several countries, information about pirate sites is gathered by or with the approval of national authorities and shared with the advertising industry, enabling the latter to avoid placing advertising on specified illegal sites. Such schemes have been found to be effective in reducing the amount of advertising on infringing sites. However, there is no systematic sharing of information at the international level. WIPO ALERT fills that gap.

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