Thailand’s Fast Track Examination for Trademark Applications

Thailand's Fast Track Examination for Trademark Applications

Thailand’s Fast Track Examination for Trademark Applications

If a trademark application is filed with the Trademark Office (TMO) of Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) after January 1, 2022, it will be eligible for the First Action Fast Track (FAFT) inspection procedure if the filing conditions are met.

Within six months of the applicant’s filing date, the TMO will issue the first office action order for the application subject to the FAFT examination procedure.

Before the TMO issues the first office action order for a trademark application that is not qualified for the FAFT examination procedure, it may take more than six months from the filing date.

FAFT Filing Requirements:

  • There must be more than 50 products or services included in the application.
  • The application’s product or service requirements must adhere to the DIP’s specified product and service requirements as listed on its website (

  • The applicant is not permitted to ask for any amendments to the application after the date of filing, including requests to change any application information, assign or inherit rights to the application, or provide evidence of the distinctiveness of the trademark, as these actions may cause the application examination process to take longer.
  • The application must be submitted to the TMO using the DIP’s e-Filing System, a provincial commercial office, another government entity recognized by the DIP, or by post.

Examining applications for international trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol is not subject to the FAFT inspection process.

Because some of the products or services covered by the application may be perceived by the TMO as covering more than one item or having a wide or ambiguous specification, it might be difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, before submitting a trademark application that will be qualified for the FAFT inspection procedure, it is advised to get advice from a trademark agency in Thailand regarding the requirements.

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