Thailand: Adapting to the post-pandemic world through e-filing of trademark and patent

Thailand: Adapting to the post-pandemic world through e-filling

Thailand: Adapting to the post-pandemic world through e-filing of trademark and patent

Business owners, law firms, and the citizens of the world need to learn to adapt to the new normal of the world with cutting-edge technological developments and the Covid-19 aftermath.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused devastating effects to all industries, especially those directly involved with the product’s manufacturing and transportation. Specifically, the global supply chain and hospitality industry are those that were affected the most. According to numerous reports from across the country, the people of Thailand have had to cope with changes and dramatic adaptations to their usual lifestyle as a result of the lockdowns, social distancing actions, and other preventive measures. Furthermore, the pandemic also leaves critical damages to the intellectual property industry.

Adapting to the new normal through e-filing

On the prosecution side, the Thai Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) fully backs the use of the e-filling system of right-holders and law firms in order to reduce physical contact. The e-filing system was introduced a long time ago and has been in development ever since. Up until now, it has been improved continuously by experts in IT and law enforcement. At this moment, It is fully ready to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

All responses submitted through the e-filing system will be docketed automatically and assigned to responsible examiners, as opposed to the manually filed responses that would require laborious docketing by the DIP. This system is really handy for applicants because they won’t have to wait a long time to get their applicants checked. Furthermore, the e-filling system also helps the DIP by greatly reducing their workload. According to various responses, the works submitted through the e-filing system often receive faster responses from the examiner. Besides, the DIP has also introduced a work-from-home policy to protect their staff from the pandemic. This will allow examiners to work from home. This is a great improvement since, in the previous system, examiners are only reachable when at the office, any works that require consultation with the examiner are noticeably delayed.

On the litigation side, the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court (IPIT Court) has postponed many hearings due to the impact of the Covid-19. For important cases where suspension is not an option, the IPIT Court will arrange the Plaintiff, the Defendant, and the Judge into three separate rooms and attend the hearing through a teleconference. This method would reduce the Covid-19 transmission rate and at the same time, complying with the complex requirements under the Civil Procedure Code. The IPIT Court also introduced its newly created e-filing system. Complaints filed through the e-filing system will be attended to first for preliminary hearings. An earlier preliminary hearing will also mean that subsequent hearings can be scheduled earlier. 

A new IP world in Thailand

Hear, in April 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic still wreaks havoc throughout the world, especially countries with low or ineffective preventive measures. However, across the world, many countries are creating methods like social distancing order and the development of systems like e-filling. Therefore, the people need to quickly adapt to the new normal, and law firms need to adjust their working principle to cope with the new world’s order because this pandemic will likely be present for at least another year from now and the aftermath of the pandemic will likely be catastrophic for at least a decade from here on out. 

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