India opens new communication platform Helpdesk Portal between the agency and applicants

India opens new communication platform Helpdesk Portal between the agency and applicants, India opens new communication platform Helpdesk Portal , India opens Helpdesk Portal ,

India opens new communication platform Helpdesk Portal between the agency and applicants

India’s Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks has introduced the Open House Helpdesk Portal in February 2024, aiming to centralize communication regarding intellectual property (IP) matters for applicants and stakeholders.

This portal aims to facilitate the resolution of issues related to patents, copyrights, designs, trademarks, geographical indications, and semiconductor integrated circuit layout designs efficiently and promptly.

Key features include a ticketing and notification system, enabling users to track and communicate about the progress of their concerns effectively.

Raja Pannir Selvam, managing attorney at Selvam & Selvam in Chennai, welcomes the launch of the Open House Helpdesk Portal.

However, he suggests additional measures to enhance its effectiveness. Selvam emphasizes the importance of providing staff support in IP offices nationwide for urgent matters and publishing designated officers’ email IDs for deadline-related issues.

He also stresses the need for accountability measures to address delays in processing legitimate requests and to combat corruption within the IP Office. Selvam views the helpdesk as a progressive initiative toward the goal of combating corruption in the IP sector.

Notice for beginners:

  1. If you have any issue related to IP, please register yourself through your email address to raise your ticket.
  2. If your issue is related to payment/CBR then raise the ticket along with the following details i.e. Transaction ID/ Temp Number/user id and time of payment.
  3. In case of queries/grievances related to an already existing application, the email ID associated with the IP application shall be used for registration on Open House portal.
  4. If your query relates to E-filing issues etc. that needs immediate attention, please select category related to E-filing from dropdown. You may also provide your contact number in Remarks box, so that we can contact you.

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