The Canadian government launched a national intellectual property strategy

The Canadian government launched a national intellectual property strategy

The Canadian government launched a national intellectual property strategy

The Government of Canada developed a national Intellectual Property (IP) policy in 2018 to assist Canadian businesses and inventors understand and obtaining IP protection. The national IP strategy established a number of channels that enable IP-focused interactions for many Canadian SMEs, who frequently disregard IP protection. This is a big step toward prioritizing the growth and preservation of Canadian intellectual property.   

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) developed major online resources, including practical tools and information to assist inventors, as part of the IP awareness campaign. The national IP strategy also funded IP-focused legal clinics within Canadian law schools to provide basic IP counsel.

Several new initiatives were also created to provide assistance to Canadian SMEs and innovators in the development and implementation of an IP strategy. These are some examples:

IP Assist Program is a tiered program aimed at SMEs that qualify for Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) support. This initiative provides these SMEs with immediate access to IP education, planning, and operation. Although the IP Assist Program monies are not meant to pay IP filing and prosecution expenses, it has reduced barriers to IP protection for many Canadian SMEs and stimulated IP-focused talks. Participants in the program can also choose their favorite IP practitioners if they are already linked with one, or they can be assigned one by the program administrator.

Elevate IP is a four-year initiative that will begin in late 2023 to assist accelerators and incubators in providing start-ups with tools for understanding and effectively managing their intellectual property. The federal funds are directed toward certain incubators around Canada.

Another new initiative is ExploreIP, which is a marketplace where public sector organizations may provide licensing opportunities for their intellectual property. Commercialization of intellectual property takes specialized knowledge and is sometimes difficult for SMEs to get. By making available IP more accessible, ExploreIP provides institutions with greater commercialization opportunities. This not only fosters and expands collaboration with public sector organizations, but it also motivates public sector institutions to prioritize IP portfolio development.

The increased number of government initiatives is a positive step toward increasing, retaining, and commercializing Canadian intellectual property. It is critical that Canadian businesses are aware of these possibilities and utilize the value that these initiatives could provide to their businesses.

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