Donald Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ trademark denied in the United States

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Donald Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ trademark denied in the United States

In an investigation by the United States House of Representatives, a trove of documents was found showing that President Donald Trump had attempted to register the ‘Rigged Election’ trademark after losing to Joe Biden, but the application was ultimately rejected.

Not only the ‘Rigged Election’ trademark, but according to the information discovered by the House of Representatives, Donald Trump also attempted to register the ‘Save America PAC!’ trademark, where PAC is an abbreviation for “political action committee.”

This was done shortly after Joe Biden was declared the winner, with many asserting that it was one of Donald Trump’s last-ditch efforts to overturn the American political system and challenge the legitimate outcome of the election.

In addition to trademark registration in the USA, the former president pursued other measures and efforts to reverse the decision, such as discussing the registration of the domain name for Save America PAC, as registering a trademark does not equate to registering and owning a domain name.

Trump’s legal team was well aware of this, and they had a specific plan for the former president to regain power.

Regarding the ‘Rigged Election’ trademark, which was the center of attention and a familiar catchphrase of the former president, it appears that he either failed to register it or had not taken any action to register it, according to data from the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

Trademark registration for ‘Rigged Election’

According to USPTO data, no party has submitted a trademark application for ‘Rigged Election.’ Therefore, it can be assumed that Donald Trump had planned to register the trademark, but due to the numerous dramas and chaos following the election, culminating in the Capitol Hill insurrection on January 6, it is possible that his legal team abandoned this idea.

However, according to the opinions of many US trademark experts, even if Trump had submitted an application, it would have been difficult to pass or be approved, as his trademark was not recognized by the community, despite the large number of followers and resonance his slogan had, reaching millions and even tens of millions of people across the United States.

It is precisely because of the significant support he had that the foundation for the unprecedented uprising and violence at the Capitol was established, and the investigation into proving Trump’s involvement in the insurrection is still ongoing as of July 2023.

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