Recent Amendment to Indonesia’s Intellectual Property E-Filing System

Recent Amendment to Indonesia's Intellectual Property E-Filing System

Recent Amendment to Indonesia’s Intellectual Property E-Filing System

As part of its continuous efforts to improve Indonesia’s intellectual property e-filing system, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) has consistently introduced updates to the online platform. Over the past months, several notable changes have been implemented, impacting the filing processes for designs, patents, and trademarks.


Changes in file format and view limitations have been instituted. Design drawings must now be submitted in JPG format, with only one view permitted per page.

Refund requests are no longer an option once the application payment has been made.

A restriction on the number of figures per design view, allowing only one figure except for reference and perspective views.


Consistency in title is now required, especially if an invention is already registered outside Indonesia through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The title in the Indonesian registration application must match that registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

In national phase applications, bibliographic data must align with the information from the PCT international phase on WIPO’s website.

Introduction of excess claim fees, necessitating payment at the time of filing the patent application.


Applicants must choose goods and services from a predefined list, which is not editable. Updates to this list occur periodically, with no fixed schedule, making it crucial for applicants to decide promptly on their choices.

Once government fees are paid, the selection of goods or services cannot be changed, even if the application has not yet been submitted.

Restrictions during the renewal grace period for trademark registrations, prohibiting the submission of any record of name change, address change, or assignment.

Utilizing the E-Filing System

To ensure smooth submission of IP applications, applicants should be mindful of these changes. The DGIP’s commitment to system improvement underscores the need for prospective applicants to collaborate with local experts familiar with the latest practices. This collaboration can help businesses and other applicants navigate the system efficiently, avoiding potential delays and protecting their intellectual assets promptly.

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