Exclusion from EU IP watchlists makes the Philippines an appealing investment destination

Exclusion from EU IP watchlists makes the Philippines an appealing investment destination

Exclusion from EU IP watchlists makes the Philippines an appealing investment destination

According to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), the country’s five-year removal of the European Commission’s intellectual property (IP) rights watchlist has made the Philippines an appealing investment destination.

The report is a biennial publication that identifies priority nations that offer a high degree of worry to the European Union’s IP-laden industry.

China is the single priority country on the list owing to the continuation of IP rights infringement through piracy and counterfeiting, as well as inconsistent IPR legislation enforcement and application.

Priority two has been assigned to India, specifically for various limits on patent protection, and Turkey, generally for deficiencies in national IP enforcement.

Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand are the top three priority nations for varying IP protection issues.

The report, which was issued on May 17, cites legal uncertainty and diverse legal applications, a poor level of trade secret protection and enforcement, and overall inadequate IPR enforcement as decisive criteria for the priority nations.

The IPOPHL successfully supported the addition of eight well-known businesses to the E-commerce MOU last month, which is worldwide acknowledged as one of the best practices for fostering trust in online marketplaces.

IPOPHL also emphasized its effective collaboration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

In order to improve trade competitiveness, the EUIPO and the Commission have aided IPOPHL through the IP Key SEA in developing the country’s geographical indications (GI) mapping through a meeting attended by potential GI producers from around the country.

According to EU Commission data, trade in goods between the Philippines and the EU amounted to €18.4 billion in 2022, while trade in services totaled €4.7 billion.

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