IPOS innovation in Singapore focuses on encouraging uptake across a variety of users

IPOS innovation in Singapore focuses on encouraging uptake across a variety of users

IPOS innovation in Singapore focuses on encouraging uptake across a variety of users

IPOS demonstrates how one of the most cutting-edge IP offices in the world uses cutting-edge technology to boost user access to its systems and to highlight the benefits of registered IP rights to a variety of users, including small company owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Change may now happen anywhere, anytime, and with anyone thanks to the explosion of technology and social media in recent years. In order to be more inclusive and to address their requirements, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is collaborating with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

IP services to promote innovation

IPOS and its partners assist a wide range of businesses in protecting, managing, commercializing, valuing, and using their intellectual property in a number of ways in addition to offering IP protection (registration) services.

IP business and IP counsel are progressing significantly in their efforts to give artists and corporations easily accessible counsel. The IP Start program offers free advice, training, and resources through accelerators and incubators based in Singapore to cater to start-ups, which are frequently run by a diverse range of business owners, with the goal of assisting start-ups to integrate IP management into their businesses at the early stages.

Through its e-services site, the IPOS Digital Hub, and mobile app, IPOS Go Mobile, the office also uses technology to offer entirely digital IP registration services. These systems allow users from a range of backgrounds, not only IP specialists, to register and manage their intellectual property from anywhere at any time.

Young people, another important population cohort, have been helped by IPOS to harness intellectual property.

The office collaborates closely with academic institutions to engage young people and expand the IP talented workforce. For instance, IPOS sponsors IP student mentoring programs like the Mentoring IP Leaders Program and the Young IP Mediators’ Initiative (IP Mile). These aim to educate and encourage young people in Singapore to be innovative.

Young inventors in tertiary institutions can receive free assistance with patent drafting and registration through the Singapore chapter of the WIPO Inventor Assistance Programme. Individuals are paired with a volunteer patent attorney or agent who can guide them through the patent process. Through the patent registration procedure, such developments are assisting in facilitating young innovators’ access to intellectual property.

IPOS launched digital initiatives for World IP Day 2022 utilizing social media influencers to raise awareness of the value of the intellectual property and to assist young people in using, protecting, and profiting from their work. Younger generations may lack the means to protect and develop their creative ideas into workable economic assets, therefore these projects are aimed at assisting them to navigate the IP sector.

Multi-government agency approach

IPOS’ focus on inclusivity extends to its inter-governmental working practices. To foster innovation at the national level, IPOS takes an inclusive approach and works across the Singaporean government to nurture innovation. Multiple government agencies drew up the Singapore IP Strategy 2030, a 10-year IP blueprint to foster innovation and promote economic growth. Beyond the Ministry of Law, IPOS also works with economic, research, and finance agencies to promote the use of intellectual property and intangible assets.

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