CPTPP is officially effective in Vietnam and trademark law

CPTPP: Effective in Vietnam

CPTPP is officially effective in Vietnam and trademark law

CPTPP: Effective in Vietnam

CPTPP: Effective in Vietnam

After a period of time, CPTPP has been effective in Vietnam from January 14, 2019. According to the agreement Vietnam shall amend their intellectual property. There are some changes to regulations on trademark and patent in Vietnam.

Vietnamese economy is booming during the last years and becoming the attractive destination for foreign investment. Following the increasing of foreign investment, the number of patent filing or trademark filing in Vietnam is also increased. Annually, the total number of these IP matter filed into Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) increases from 10-15%.

In addition to prosecution of trademark or patent in Vietnam, Vietnamese authorities are improving their competence in enforcing intellectual property right. Specially, new Vietnam penal code 2015 which has been effective shall handle intellectual property infringement under criminal cases.

To meet the requirement of trademark protection in CPTPP, AAA IPRIGHT shall provide trademark services in all the state members of the CPTPP:

1. You could see the fee of trademark in Vietnam:


Scope of work: Trademark Search Word Mark($US) Device (logo) And Word Mark($US)
For the 1st class 60.00 65.00
For the 2nd class 50.00 60.00
Duration 5-7 days 5-7 days


Scope of work: Filing Trademark Application FEE($US)
For the 1st class 200.00
For the 2nd class 140.00
Duration 16-19 months

* Note: In Vietnam, if one class has more than 6th items, additional fee for each item upwards is $US15.00.


Scope of work: Obtaining trademark registration certificate FEE($US)
For the 1st class 60.00
For the 2nd class 40.00
Duration 1 month

* Note: Our Fee for Trademark in Vietnam includes all fees (official fee and legal fee); exclude fee for responding to office action, if any.

2. Trademark Fees In Other State Members Of The CPTPP

The following table provides Fee of Trademark in Singapore, Fee of Trademark in Malaysia, Fee of Trademark in Peru, Fee of Trademark in Japan, Fee of Trademark in Australia, Fee of Trademark in New Zealand, Fee of Trademark in Mexico and Fee of Trademark in Canada:

Trademark in Singapore, Singapore Trademark

1.     Fees of trademark in Singapore


 Canada in Canada, Canada Trademark 2.     Fees of trademark in Canada
 Trademark in New Zealand, New Zealand Trademark 3.     Fees of trademark in New Zealand  Trademark in Chile, Chile trademark, Trademark fee in Chile, Trademark search in Chile 4.     Fees of trademark in Chile
Trademark in Vietnam, Vietnam Trademark, trademark registration in Vietnam 5.     Fees of trademark in Vietnam  Trademark in Mexico, Mexico Trademark, Trademark Fee in Mexico, Trademark search in Mexico

6.     Fees of trademark in Mexico


Trademark in Australia, Australia Trademark 7.  Fees of trademark in Australia Trademark in Malaysia, Malaysia Trademark 8.     Fees of trademark in Malaysia
Trademark in Japan, Japan Trademark 9.     Fees of trademark in Japan Trademark in Brunei, Brunei Trademark 10.  Fees of trademark in Brunei
Trademark in Peru, Peru Trademark, Trademark Fee in Peru 11.  Fee of trademark in Peru


– You could also find fees of trademark in ASEAN countries here.

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