Web Chat For Quicker Trademark Advice: Trademark in USA

Web Chat For Quicker Trademark Advice: Trademark in USA

Web Chat For Quicker Trademark Advice: Trademark in USA

Web Chat For Quicker Trademark Advice: Trademark in USA

Web Chat For Quicker Trademark Advice: Trademark in USA

Web Chat For Quicker Trademark Advice: Trademark in USA

CLIENT:: hello

AAA IPRIGHT: Welcome to AAA IPRIGHT – Global Trademark Registration
What Country do you want to protect your trademark? Could you inform us your Email & Name to receive  direct advice?
Also, send us your inquiry by email: info@aaaipright.com. What can we help you?
Do you want to register trademark in USA?

CLIENT: Yes. I Speak Spanish

AAA IPRIGHT: Sorry, this time we could support English only

CLIENT:: perfect

AAA IPRIGHT: Could you inform us what products or services used under your trademark?

CLIENT: I would like to register the brand in the United States, I want to know what are the steps to follow

Let us know what is your products or services under the trademark?

CLIENT: The classes of my products are calse 3, of shampoo, conditioner, hair drippers,personal care and hair in general, etc.

AAA IPRIGHT: We got information
Could you inform us your email and We will send you guide and quotation of trademark in USA?

CLIENT: perfect
my email is ____@gmail.com
AAA IPRIGHT: How can I call you? Maetinez?

CLIENT: Yrenes Martinez

AAA IPRIGHT: Thanks you. Call me Paul

CLIENT: perfect

AAA IPRIGHT: We will send you details via email soon

AAA IPRIGHT: Thanks for contacting with us
If there is no further question, I would like to close the Chat

CLIENT: Have a nice day, I’m waiting for your mail

AAA IPRIGHT: You too, have a nice day!

CLIENT: as soon as the price of class 3 is there, to have an idea. What are the steps you take? Sorry for the question.

AAA IPRIGHT: Step 1: if you want to check the availability of your trademark in USA, you need to conduct the trademark search in USA.
Then, if the result is ok (your trademark is still available), we will move to step 2: file new trademark in USA
CLIENT: already search and verify that it is available

If so, we move to step of trademark filing
id you use the trademark in USA?
CLIENT: I entered google and a window appeared where I could verify the brand, but I do not know if it was real .. how can we verify it in this way?

AAA IPRIGHT: Send us your trademark
We will basically verify it for you
Google is not a right source for this search
You need to search at database of USPTO
Or WIPO database
Not google

CLIENT: look where I indicated and it does not appear. but to validate that data, you make me that management?

We will do it for you
Send us your trademark to info@aaipright.com
We will conduct the trademark search for you
CLIENT: perfect


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    – You could visit here to see Procedure of USA Trademark Registration.

    – Other questions of trademark in USA here.

    Contact AAA IPRIGHT: Email: info@aaaipright.com

    Or sending your inquiry by filling the form:

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