IPOPHL launched the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) in the Philippines

IPOPHL launched the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) in the Philippines, IPOPHL launched the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) , the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) in the Philippines, the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace, ILAW,

IPOPHL launched the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) in the Philippines

To support the spreading of IP awareness to all people in the entire world, the IPOPHL has recently launched the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) in the Philippines.

This marks one of the greatest achievements of a Southeast Asia IP Office in regards to an online IP learning system. 


The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW) is the official e-learning platform of the IPOPHL to support its mission to build an inclusive intellectual property system serving the needs of Filipinos.

Through information technology, IP Learning through ILAW is where stakeholders can be educated and trained on intellectual property, gearing towards the IPOPHL’s vision of a progressive Philippines using intellectual property assets for inclusive economic and social development by 2030.

The platform provides many useful IP videos for beginners in IP-related problems. With the ILAW initiative, not just the Philippines but the citizens of the entire world can participate to learn or replenish their knowledge of IP.

Opening ILAW, the Internet users can take part in beginning courses on intellectual property, trademarks, copyright, and patents. Lecture slides, interactive quizzes, and video presentations are all translated into Filipino in the courses.

If the users are in the intermediate level, ILAW also offers masterclasses that provide much more advanced IP knowledge. However, to participate in these classes, the participants must first register.

Shortly after the opening, there have been over 1,000 people registered on the ILAW site from all over the world including China, Sri Lanka, Palestine, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

The official launching of ILAW

At the official launching of ILAW, the Director-General Rowel S. Barba has given his remark on the importance of ILAW: “In accordance with our digital transformation journey, our IP Academy has introduced ILAW to safeguard the health and safety of stakeholders amid the epidemic and the ultimate convenience of everyone desiring to learn IP.”

According to the IP Academy, the ILAW will serve as a connecting bridge between the Philippines and the rest of the world, namely educational institutions, government organizations, international partners, etc.

IP Academy Director Frederick P. Romero stated about ILAW and its role: “Through ILAW, the IP Academy aligns with IPOPHL’s BRIGHT Strategic Goals and seeks to promote ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) IP learning activities.”

WIPO Academy Distance Learning Program Head Altaye Tedla commented on IPOPHL’s goal with the launching of ILAW: “The ILAW affirms IPOPHL’s continued commitment to integrate IP awareness knowledge and education with IP human resource development, and to deliver in-depth IP training for diverse stakeholders throughout the Philippines, including teachers, MSMEs, startups, creators, inventors, women, and youth.”

IPOPHL Director-General Barba concluded: “ILAW is in line with IPOPHL’s goal of creating an IP-aware Philippines through balanced and effective IP learning and education, which would foster innovation and creativity among our people and drive more inclusive socio-economic growth and development in the country.”

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