The Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property holds an online meeting with WIPO on the Country Plan initiative

IP Viet Nam’s Deputy Director General Tran Le Hong (third from the right) and representatives of relevant divisions attended live the meeting

The Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property holds an online meeting with WIPO on the Country Plan initiative

On March 11, 2021, Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) coordinated with WIPO’s Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres (ASPAC) to discuss the Country Plan initiative.

Beginning of the meeting

Within the framework of several multilateral forums on intellectual property (IP) that took place recently, ASPAC mentioned the Country Plan initiative – an initiative developed by ASPAC towards establishing a cooperation mechanism. new bilateral technique between WIPO and a member country. With the desire to learn more about this content, NOIP coordinated with ASPAC to organize an online meeting, taking place on the afternoon of March 11, 2021.

Attending the meeting on WIPO side were Mr. Andrew Michael Ong, Director General of ASPAC, Mr. Yemin Than, ASPAC officer in charge of cooperation with Vietnam and Mr. Inayet Syed, an independent expert of WIPO. About the NOIP, there was the attendance of Deputy Director General Tran Le Hong and representatives of some relevant units of NOIP. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Dao Nguyen, Second Secretary, Permanent Representative of Vietnam in Geneva

At the meeting, Mr. Inayet Syed, an independent expert of WIPO, gave an overview of the Country Plan initiative. The WIPO expert also answered some questions from NOIP officials regarding the Country Plan initiative.

Basically, Country Plan establishes a mechanism for bilateral technical cooperation on industrial property between WIPO and beneficiary countries in a comprehensive, long-term (6 years), successional and continuous manner. over the years, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of that country. The Country Plan is also built on the basis of meeting the strategic, program and budgetary goals of WIPO as well as the Development Agenda of WIPO, and is based on joint IPR action plans at the regional level.

The main pillars of Country Lan

(i) Improving the legal framework and policies on IP;

(ii) Improve the efficiency of the National IP Office and the IP registration system;

(iii) Support research institutes and small and medium enterprises in innovation activities.

Within the framework of the Country Plan, WIPO and the beneficiary country will discuss and develop an action plan each year to match the changes in needs and development orientation of that country. Country Plan has a monitoring, monitoring and evaluation mechanism to ensure the achievement of the set goals.

On behalf of the NOIP, Deputy Director General Tran Le Hong expressed his thanks to WIPO’s interest and enthusiastic cooperation, especially ASPAC’s for Vietnam, and also highly appreciated the initiative’s goals. Country Plan. Deputy Director General Tran Le Hong also welcomed ASPAC’s selection of Vietnam as one of the first member countries to implement this initiative.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides also agreed on the next implementation plan. Specifically, the NOIP will consider and study the draft Country Plan for Vietnam that has been developed by ASPAC, and give comments on this document, before the two sides continue to discuss in the near future.

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