The procedure of trademark renewal in Australia

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The procedure of trademark renewal in Australia

In Australia, a trademark registration may be renewed every ten years. There are charges that must be paid. Trademark registration may be renewed an unlimited number of times. Anyone can pay for the renewal. 

As you use your trademark over time, you may want to lower the number of classes you originally registered as your business or product line evolves. If you want to remove classes of goods and/or services from your registration, you must do so at least three weeks before the renewal deadline. Otherwise, you may be unable to renew your trademark through online services and may be required to pay additional expenses. You can pay your renewal fees up to 12 months before the due date or up to six months after the date has passed. If the registration is renewed after the expiry date, additional fees apply. 

When a trademark expires, you still have a 6-month grace period to file a renewal of the registration of your trademark for a further 10 years by paying the renewal fee plus any applicable extension fees. Once the expiry date has passed, your trademark will no longer have the benefit of any rights arising from registration. At the end of the six-month grace period, if your renewal fee has not been paid, your trademark will be removed from the register and can’t be restored. When your request for renewal is received and actioned, the Registrar will notify you that the trademark registration is renewed and will advise you of the renewal period.

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