Patent Prosecution Highway (“PPH”) Pilot Program Between MyIPO And USPTO Begin in Malaysia

Patent Prosecution Highway ("PPH") Pilot Program Between MyIPO And USPTO Begin in Malaysia

Patent Prosecution Highway (“PPH”) Pilot Program Between MyIPO And USPTO Begin in Malaysia

The PPH Pilot Program between the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) and the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (“MyIPO”) began on March 2, 2023. The three-year trial term for this Pilot Program will end on March 1, 2026. If both patent offices agree, the program may be extended beyond the first three years or terminated earlier than the initial three years.

The main objective of the PPH Program, a cooperative agreement between national patent offices, is to speed up the examination of a patent application. In accordance with the Program, a patent applicant may ask one PPH-participating patent office (“second patent office”) to expedite the examination of a corresponding application (“the first application”) filed at a different PPH-participating patent office (“first patent office”).

This program expedites the investigation of the second application at the second patent office and enables a more thorough evaluation of the application. An application submitted through the PPH Program has a chance to become a grant if all conditions are met and it complies with the examiner’s observations in around six to eight months (in most cases) from the day the PPH request was submitted. As of March 2023, there is no official charge associated with seeking a speedy examination of a PPH program application at MyIPO.

Whether through a priority connection or a shared PCT application, the second application must be in correspondence with the first one. The original patent office must have deemed at least one claim in the first application to be admissible. Additionally, the claim(s) in the second application that is admissible must properly conform to the claim(s) in the first application.

Along with the USPTO, MyIPO also maintains PPH partnerships with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Japan Patent Office, and the European Patent Office.

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