The Advantages of Intellectual Property Rights Customs Recordation in China

The Advantages of Intellectual Property Rights Customs Recordation in China

The Advantages of Intellectual Property Rights Customs Recordation in China

China Customs presented information about the advantages of customs recording of intellectual property rights in China. Include the following specifications.

Customs recordation to take proactive actions

According to the “Regulations of Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights,” if an intellectual property right holder has filed an application with the customs to record his intellectual property rights in advance, the customs has the authority to cease the importation/exportation of suspected infringing goods and conduct an investigation of the infringing goods when the rights holder applies for protection and provides security.

Detecting infringing goods in a timely manner

In order for the legitimate rights of the rights holder to be protected, the intellectual property rights holder must provide information about the legal status of the intellectual property, information about the goods that are assumed to be infringing the intellectual property, and information about the lawful use of the intellectual property rights when applying for Customs Recordation.

Reducing the financial burden of right holders

The security given by the owner of intellectual property rights to the customs under the ex officio protection method is limited to RMB 100,000. The aforementioned procedure is not available to right holders who failed to record the customs protection in advance. He is required to post a guarantee equal to the value of the commodities that are being sought to be held. Therefore, proactive customs recordation can significantly reduce the cost of safeguarding the rights of the holder and lessen his financial burden.

Customs Recordation may serve as a deterrent to the infringement

Customs have the power to seize illegally imported or exported items and to penalize violators administratively. Therefore, the Customs Recordation of intellectual property rights as early as feasible can have warning and deterrent effects on those firms that used to knowingly import and export items that violated intellectual property rights in the past, causing them to do so now. In order to prevent financial losses brought on by the detention of goods by the customs, some businesses that do not intentionally export infringing products may also find out whether the goods they have been hired to process and export may constitute infringement by checking the customs recordation records.

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