04 Strategic Goals of The ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan by 2025

ASEAN IP Policies

04 Strategic Goals of The ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan by 2025

ASEAN IP Policies

ASEAN IP Policies

ASEAN member states has recognised the important role of Intellectual Property (IP) in contributing to the achievement of national and regional socio-economic development goals. IP, as one instrument of development, should also be considered in terms of its linkage to other components of socio-economic development strategy. Therefore, 04 strategic goals with 19 initiatives has been figured out to meet the plan.

The ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan 2016-2025 with a view to meeting the Challenges of “One Vision, One Identity, One Community” through Intellectual Property, have four strategic goals:

(a) Strategic Goal 1: A more robust ASEAN IP System is developed by strengthening IP Offices and building IP infrastructures in the region. The strategic goal could be achieved through the initiatives:

+ Initiative 1. Improved patent, trademark, and industrial design services

+ Initiative 2. Promote improvement of IP services in terms of timeliness and quality of output

+ Initiative 3. Promote excellence of CMOs in transparency, accountability and governance

+ Initiative 4. Explore the feasibility of harmonizing formality requirements for trademarks and industrial designs across the region

+ Initiative 5. Accession to international treaties: i. Madrid Protocol; ii. Hague Agreement; and iii. PCT

+ Initiative 6. Endeavour to accede to other WIPO-administered international treaties (may be determined by each AMS)

+ Initiative 7. Develop targeted and sustainable capacity building and office initiated client-assistance programs linked to levels of development, with special focus on CLM (Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Myanmar)

(b) Strategic Goal 2: Regional IP platforms and infrastructures are developed to contribute to enhancing the ASEAN Economic Community; The initiatives for the strategic goal include:

+ Initiative 8. Develop new networks of integrated IP services for the region, including technology transfer offices and innovation technology support offices (patent libraries)

+ Initiative 9. Improve service delivery of AMSs through connected online services, including patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design search systems, and online filing systems

+ Initiative 10. Adopt modern Information Technologies to improve quality of regional services, including the development of an automated (including translation) system for electronic correspondence and dossier systems for trademarks; online filing; sharing of patent and copyright information through the establishment of regional patent and copyright databases; and updating an improvement of the regional industrial design and trademark databases

+ Initiative 11. Improve and centralize the management of the ASEAN IP Portal by ensuring that IP information, including statistical data, is accurate and regularly updated (e.g., no. of filings, registrations, grants, pendency periods).

(c) Strategic Goal 3: An expanded and inclusive ASEAN IP Ecosystem is developed; The initiatives for the strategic goal include:

+ Initiative 12. Implementation of a Regional Action Plan on IPR Enforcement

+ Initiative 13. Establish an ASEAN IP network (IP, judiciary, customs and other enforcement agencies)

+ Initiative 14. Enhance intra and extra ASEAN engagement with stakeholders and external partners including dialogue partners/ consultations with the private sector/ IP associations (e.g., AIPA, INTA, WIPO Singapore Office)

+ Initiative 15. Establish a regional accreditation system for IP practitioners

(d) Strategic Goal 4: Regional mechanisms to promote asset creation and commercialisation, particularly geographical indications and traditional knowledge are enhanced. The initiatives for the strategic goal include:

+ Initiative 16. Improve awareness and respect of IP to promote its protection and utilization, including development of supporting schemes for MSMEs and creative sectors

+ Initiative 17. Develop IP valuation services to create awareness of the value of IP as a financial asset

+ Initiative 18. Promote the commercialisation of GIs in ASEAN by improving the capacity of the productive sector in the development of protection and branding strategies

+ Initiative 19. Promote a protection mechanism for GRTKTCE

Hopefully, the IP prosecution and IP enforcement in ASEAN shall be strengthened and it shall be easier for people to protect their IP rights including trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright, trade secrets and others.

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