The procedure of Trademark Renewal in Macau

The procedure of Trademark Renewal in Macau

The procedure of Trademark Renewal in Macau

They say nothing lasts forever, but that’s not completely true. As long as you take steps to maintain your trademark registration, it actually can last forever. Managing renewals of your portfolio of trademarks can be time-consuming and expensive if late renewal fees have to be paid. With this guide, we intend to support large multinational trademark owners and their agents in managing their trademark renewal process in Macau.  

Grant, validity term and trademark renewal

Registration of a trademark is valid for 7 years counted from the date of granting. It may be renewed indefinitely, and each renewal will extend the validity for another 7 years. The right-holder should file the application for renewal within the six-month period right before the date of expiration. If you have not applied for renewal after this 6-month period, your trademark registration will expire.

In case you have not yet submitted your renewal application, you can still apply for an extension within 6 months after the expiration date and pay additional administration fee for late renewal as well. Within the final 6 months of the registration validity, the applicant should complete Application Form of Request for Other Actions, and submit the application to the Economic and Technological Development Bureau with the renewal fees.

Deadlines for filing renewal documents

If the registration has been expired for 6 months or less, the applicant should perform the above procedure for renewal with an additional administration fee. If the registration has been expired for more than 6 months, the applicant will need to apply for the registration again.

Although a trademark does not have to be in use in order for it to register, it must not go unused for longer than three years after registration or it will become vulnerable to cancellation actions based on lack of use of the trademark.

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