The first significant fee hike in 20 years will affect Canadian patent fees in 2024

The first significant fee hike in 20 years will affect Canadian patent fees in 2024

The first significant fee hike in 20 years will affect Canadian patent fees in 2024

Significant adjustments to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s (CIPO) pricing system were announced on June 28. The majority of official fees relating to patents, trademarks, industrial design, copyright, and other associated services will increase by 25% starting on January 1, 2024.

All applications that are presently being prosecuted as well as the costs associated with administrative processes and renewals will be affected by these changes. For Canadian small enterprises that meet the criteria for “small entities,” the significant price increase will not be applied to costs associated with patents.

Notably, CIPO does not receive any funding from the Canadian government; instead, all of its running expenses are covered by the revenue that it generates from service fees. In order to promote Canada’s Intellectual Property Strategy, meet rising demand, satisfy trade and treaty commitments, offer services that are comparable worldwide, and address crucial capacity and technology investments, CIPO is under increasing pressure.

According to CIPO, “[a] number of operational and financial factors [that] have converged to put the organization in a critical financial position, including almost 30% inflation since 2004, labor costs, application volumes, and critical capital investments,” are the other reasons why the fee increase is necessary. This price increase is likely to be used, in part, to employ and educate more examiners to help with the huge backlog of pending trademark applications with CIPO that date all the way back to 2019.

Intellectual property owners should take these changes into account when planning future filing and prosecution plans in order to prepare a budget for the accompanying fee increases given the apparent rise in applicable fees. Individuals and organizations are urged to take advantage of the present fees before the expected fee rise on January 1, 2024, to maximize expense savings.

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