The Philippines cooperate with Motion Picture Association to fight against piracy

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The Philippines cooperate with Motion Picture Association to fight against piracy

The IPOPHL has just announced that the Philippines will have deep cooperation with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to fight against piracy in this country. 

For the majority of the Philippines, the people tend to enjoy free movies on the Internet with some advertisements rather than pay real money to watch one. 

Although this is beneficiary for them, it is not quite so for the economy of the Philippines and the overall development of society. 

This is because not just the immediate economic value, enjoying free music, and violating the laws at ease with these small actions can also create a habit of infringing the laws. This might lead to the idea that violating the law would not have consequences. 

The MPA fully understands the effects of this development. Accordingly, with this cooperation, they have agreed to assist in developing an effective pirate monitoring system and a rolling site-blocking regime that would prevent piracy sites from being accessed.

Furthermore, the cooperation also allows for the authorized sharing of information that will help the Philippines combat digital piracy.

The MPA also pledges to cooperate and exchange different anti-piracy tactics with IPOPHL so that both sides can develop. The Motion Picture Association will also offer practical support to IPOPHL and other relevant agencies in implementing site-blocking and takedown in a timely and effective manner.

Not just the physical benefits but the collaboration between 2 renowned organizations will also be a wake-up, warning call for infringers and potential infringers in the Philippines. Therefore, from now on, the infringement cases will have a large reduction in the near future and middle future but in the long run, the IPOPHL and related organizations in the Philippines still have to work together in harmony, along with international support to put a complete end to this threat.

Expert opinions

IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba has given his expression on the collaboration between the MPA and the IPOPHL: “This newest partnership with MPA elevates IPOPHL’s whole-of-society efforts in fostering a digital environment that respects intellectual property (IP) rights.”

Furthermore, Barba has also expressed his grievance towards the fact that the pandemic has made digital piracy more popular as most people have nothing left to do but watch pirated movies online. 

He stated that only a couple of months of lockdown has cost genuine content companies billions of dollars in lost income: “Unfortunately, some individuals would prefer to view illegal content because it is free than pay for genuine content, failing to comprehend how this might harm our economy and innovation as a nation in the long term.”

Jan van Voorn, MPA’s Executive Vice President of Global Content Protection, lamented that piracy “has remained popular in the Philippines and continues to have negative repercussions on the country.”

Vav Voorn, also the head of the MPA’s global anti-piracy coalition, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) said: “In key markets like the Philippines, a site-blocking framework that incorporates transparency and due process can be incredibly effective at reducing levels of online piracy.”

Overall, Barba has very high hope for the impacts of the collaboration: “By collaborating, we would be able to eliminate digital piracy in the Philippines effectively. This would ensure that our creative economy actors receive the full compensation they deserve and may continue to generate new Philippine innovations for our society, culture, economy, and the whole globe.”

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