Register Your Copyright in Taiwan

Register Your Copyright in Taiwan

Register Your Copyright in Taiwan

Please note that the Copyright Act amendment promulgated on January 21, 1998, ended the copyright registration system and that as of January 23, 1998, the government agency in charge of copyright matters has not longer been receiving copyright registrations.

As soon as original works of authorship are completed, they are protected by copyrights. Since Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) on January 1, 2002, member nations are required by the WTO’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) to protect the works of other members’ citizens. Due to the reciprocal principle, the client’s new work is therefore eligible for copyright protection in Taiwan.

Because copyrights are private rights, in case of a disagreement or criminal charges, the burden of proof lies with the copyright owners. There are a number of options to further protect their copyrights if they are concerned that it may be difficult to show ownership.

The copyright owner signs a Statutory Declaration (SD) that is witnessed by a notary public or an attorney. In this way, should proof be required in court, the SD can be presented as prima facie evidence—that is, evidence that is uncontested at first glance.

The aforementioned method is simply an auxiliary one, but what they may demonstrate is:

  • The day an attorney or notary public attests to the SD and the work;
  • When any of the aforementioned methods are used, the work has already existed.
  • The true copyright holder of the work.

In order to prove their ownership of a work, copyright owners must continue to retain and keep documents from the creation process, the public release of a work, and other materials related to those rights.

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