New Developments in Myanmar’s Trademark Protection Process

New Developments in Myanmar's Trademark Protection Process

New Developments in Myanmar’s Trademark Protection Process

The Myanmar Trademark Law of 2019 established a legal basis for trademarks in Myanmar. This law sought to bring Myanmar’s trademark system into compliance with international standards by making substantial amendments to the prior legal framework.

Myanmar’s Myanmar Registration Act of 1908, which before the 2019 legislation, was the country’s previous trademark regulation. This outdated legislation lacked mechanisms for worldwide trademark registration and enforcement and provided inadequate protection for intellectual property rights. As a result, Myanmar’s intellectual property system encountered a number of difficulties, including weak trademark protection, problems with counterfeiting, and inadequate legal remedies.

A major milestone in modernizing Myanmar’s intellectual property framework and bringing it into compliance with global standards was the adoption of the new trademark legislation in 2019. The new legislation sought to strengthen trademark protection, make it easier to register and enforce trademarks, develop an improved intellectual property office, and encourage foreign investment and economic growth in the nation.

By providing brand owners with much-needed protection and fostering innovation and investment, the new Trademark Law will bring Myanmar up to pace with other Southeast Asian nations that have previously enacted IP laws and processes. Additionally, it will facilitate filing procedures.

The soft opening phase was only accessible by trademarks that have been used in Myanmar and/or registered via Declarations of Ownership submitted to the Office of the Registration of Deeds (“Registered/Used Marks”). All additional trademarks (“New Marks”), however, may only be registered following the grand opening.

The new law is an important milestone toward updating Myanmar’s intellectual property legal framework. A complete legal framework for trademark protection in Myanmar is provided by the law, which is also anticipated to increase international investment in Myanmar. Additionally, it is consistent with global standards and procedures, which makes it easier for businesses to manage the trademark registration procedure. 

However, because Myanmar is a first-to-file nation, brand owners must plan early to protect their trademark rights in this country. A timely IP registration procedure could reduce the chance of misuse and also help prevent third parties from registering comparable marks. Additionally, Myanmar’s trademark registration is a desirable option for trademark owners due to its low cost. 

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