New changes in Saudi Arabia on industrial designs’ protection

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New changes in Saudi Arabia on industrial designs’ protection

Saudi Arabia has recently implemented significant measures to enhance intellectual property rights, including the launch of the National Intellectual Property Platform Project, the first of its kind in the region. Notably, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) has extended the protection validity of designs from 10 to 15 years, as outlined in decision No. 197.

Jehad Ali E Hasan, CEO of JAH Intellectual Property in Doha, highlighted the aim of this decision to incentivize design owners to seek protection in the kingdom and benefit from an extended validity period. The decision came into force on February 24, 2024, with SAIP initiating the collection of the 11th official annuity fees through the SADAD payment system.

According to Mohcine Fattah, IP Senior Director at the same company, this move signifies Saudi Arabia’s transition into a hub of innovation and economic diversification. Aligned with Vision 2030, this strategic shift reflects the kingdom’s commitment to fostering a secure and predictable environment for intellectual property rights holders, including industrial designs. Fattah anticipates a surge in industrial design applicants as a result of this progressive initiative.

The project to establish the National Intellectual Property Platform in Saudi Arabia is a key component of the national initiatives outlined in the Saudi Arabia Intellectual Property Strategy, which was adopted by His Highness the Crown Prince in 2022. This platform aligns with the kingdom’s vision to foster creativity, innovation, and economic stability and efficiency.

The platform will serve as a digital hub aimed at promoting creativity and facilitating the exchange and trade of intellectual property. It will offer various services to service providers and professionals involved in intellectual property mediation and other related activities.

This initiative represents a strategic national partnership involving multiple sub-sectors, authorities, and relevant ministries. Initially, the platform will focus on enhancing the innovation ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and advancing the knowledge economy.

Overall, the project is expected to play a pivotal role in creating a conducive environment for innovation-led businesses in the kingdom and contributing to economic growth and development.

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