For the first time, the SEA Games television rights are for sale

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For the first time, the SEA Games television rights are for sale

The organizers of World Cup 2022 sole the right to broadcast the matches worldwide and have taken back a hefty sum. Learning from this, the SEA Games organizer has declared that the rights to broadcast SEA Games in Cambodia next SEA Games will be sold to the media companies or organizations that wish to purchase such rights.

Fans who see the scene of Messi holding the World Cup gold cup in the most intense match between France and Argentina will surely feel that the broadcasting royalties of World Cup 2022 are reasonable, no matter the actual price that companies pay for them.

Recently, the organizers of the SEA Games, also known as the Southeast Asian Games, announced that the 31st SEA Games will be the last time this show will be broadcast for free.

The 32nd Southeast Asian Games is expected to be converted to a commercial form in Cambodia. Accordingly, matches at the 32nd SEA Games with the host country Cambodia will officially collect broadcasting rights fees from media companies that want to buy.

Previously, the SEA Games broadcasting royalties only stopped at a symbolic fee of about 5,000 USD/unit from press and media agencies in Southeast Asia. Units with the desire to broadcast the SEA Games 21 could find the link on International TV Center (located at the National Convention Center) of Vietnam with almost no strings attached.

The decision to sell the television rights to broadcast the 32nd SEA Games was announced on July 13, 2022 after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Council of Southeast Asian Games Federation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On November 25, 2022, the 32nd SEA Games organizers appointed a company in Singapore to be authorized to distribute television rights.

Selling SEA Games TV rights

Mr. Venu Ganesh Ramadas – Representative of the Copyright and Production Department of the 32nd SEA Games Organizing Committee – shared in a meeting in Vietnam that: “This is a positive signal to help reduce the burden of event organization costs for host countries while increasing revenue and commercial development”.

The decision to commercialize the television rights to broadcast the SEA Games was made before the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam. The reason given by the organizers is the fact that international football tournaments such as the World Cup, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League all charge a fee for broadcasting television rights.

Despite the difference in qualifications, in order to get closer to world football, Southeast Asian countries need to start collecting broadcasting royalties in order to increase the quality of the SEA Games and reduce the burden for the system, supporting the host country to organize the football tournament in terms of costs, etc.

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