Trademark in Macau, Macau Trademark

Trademark in Macau, Macau Trademark




Scope of work: Trademark Search Word Mark


Device (logo) And Word Mark


For the 1st class 120.00 160.00
For the 2nd class 100.00 150.00
Duration 5-7 days 5-7 days


Scope of work: Filing Trademark Application FEE


For the 1st class 600.00
For the 2nd class 490.00
Duration 10-12 months

* Note: Our Fee for Trademark in Macau includes all fees (official fee and legal fee); exclude fee for responding to office action, if any.

– You could visit here to see Procedure of Macau Trademark Registration.

– You could read here Required documents of filing trademark in Macau.

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Procedure of Trademark In Vietnam

Procedure of Trademark in Macau

Trademark in Macau shall include the following steps:   Step 1: Trademark Search in Macau (Optional)   Trademark search is not compulsory. However, in order to know the availability of your trademark before officially filing a new trademark in Macau, it is highly recommended that you should conduct the trademark search.   The trademark search in Macau shall be available within 5-7 days   Step 2: Trademark filing in Macau   The trademark procedure in Macau shall take about 10-12 months counted from the filing date. However, in [...]

Required documents of filing trademark in China

Required documents of filing trademark in Macau

In order to file the trademark in  Macau, the following documents are required: + Power of Attorney: Sign & Notarise + Other document: + Sample of trademarks to file in + Goods/Services used under the trademark (if you know the International Class, send us your class. Otherwise, we will classify by our own end when receiving the lists of goods/services under the trademark. + Name and address of the applicant Please send us the required documents of trademark in Macau to the following [...]

Frequencly Asked Questions

The trademark registration may be recorded on customs data, but it is not automatically mechanism. The owner of Trademark must file the request to Customs authority of Macau for assistance with enforcement of trademarks

The grace period is 06 months from the expire date of the trademark registration.

The trademark is required to be used in the first three consecutive years from the date of registration (or any constructive 3-year period thereafter), otherwise the trademark may be invalided.

The cancellation of trademark registration in Macau is available. A trademark may be cancelled where it cannot be protected or the trademark infringes upon the public order or morals. In addition, the owner of the protected trademark has been proved that they are infringing the right of other owners, the registration of the trademark was issued lacking the required documents.

Proof of use is not required for obtaining the protection of trademark. However, it is required to have Proof of use for defending the trademark against the non-use claim

After getting trademark registration, the owner of trademark has the right to defence the trademark against the infringement action, unfair competition, unlawfully use of the trademark or have the right to license or transfer the trademark registration to another party.

A trademark should be protected in Macau for seven years starting from the date of approval of the application

Macau is the member of Paris Convention and TRIPS Agreement.

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