Netflix seeks IP protection For Squid Game in the Phillippines

Netflix seeks IP protection For Squid Game in the Phillippines, Netflix seeks IP protection For Squid Game, Netflix filed trademark applications in the Philippines for Squid game, Netflix filed trademark applications in the Philippines

Netflix seeks IP protection For Squid Game in the Phillippines

Squid game has become a world phenomenon in just a few months. It is so popular that the sudden rise of ‘Among Us’ in 2018 is a frail comparison. Accordingly, to ‘squeeze’ out all of the benefits from the Squid game, the creator of this show – Netflix has just filed a trademark application for squid game in the Philippines, as well as many other countries in the world.

In recent weeks, Netflix has spread its hands to dozens of IP Office in countries around the world that the Squid Game is making a big hit, which means nearly every country considering how popular the Squid game is. 

Because with IP protection, they can borrow these countries’ IP enforcement systems to help them sell their ‘toys’ without paying too much for IP protection themselves. This movement may seem too convenient for Netflix and pressure the IP System in each country but actually, it is beneficial for both sides because these countries will now have the support they need from the original creators to tackle their IP infringing activities in their country which will, again, surely be a problem due to the popularity of Squid game.

Accordingly, in the past weeks and months since the release of the show, Netflix has filed “Squid Game” trademark applications in more than two dozen locales, including Argentina, Canada, the European Union, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Korea, the USA, and the list will surely increase in time. 

Netflix filed trademark applications in the Philippines for Squid game

According to the data from the Bureau of Trademarks of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Netflix has filed two trademark applications for “SQUID GAME” in this country. The applications consist of a plain word mark and another with the stylized “SQUID GAME” logo. These applications consist of 7 classes (9, 16, 18, 21, 25, 28, and 41) among the 45 classes of the “Nice Classification”.

trademark image from a Netflix Studios LLC application filed October 15, 2021 in the Philippines

Trademark image from a Netflix Studios LLC application filed October 15, 2021 in the Philippines

The potential uses list of the trademark application categories in the Philippines is comprised of products that are great for merchandise, such as downloadable computer games, mousepads, messenger bags. There are even some products that may seem to not be very popular to the overall population such as think oven mitts, baby carriers, toy whistles, tea cozies, etc.

There are even business card holders, Halloween and masquerade costumes, cookie cutters that could shape “dalgona” candy.

If the applications are approved, Netflix will obtain exclusive rights to all or nearly every product listed in the trademark applications. This will create a strong infrastructure for their merchandising department that has long been an important element of any blockbuster’s rollout.

Expert opinions

Discussing the attempts to file trademark applications for the Squid game worldwide, Arjel P. de Guzman, Founding Director of OPTMARKS stated: “Prudent trademark filings by experienced practitioners would aim to give the right owner the broadest protection as much as possible. Such is the reason why aside from the filing for the registration of a wordmark which in itself is broad enough, others would elect to file the actual stylized logo version of the mark to protect the look and feel of the mark apart from its verbal elements. This way, dilution may be prevented because colorable imitations of the mark, though employing different verbal elements, may still be proceeded against by the mark owner.”

Guzman further adds about the reason why Netflix filed trademark applications in multiple countries. He explained that since intellectual property rights are generally territorial, the trademark registration made and acquired in the Philippines would grant rights and privileges which the trademark owner may only enforce within the Philippine jurisdiction: “That is the reason why multinational enterprises maintain a global trademark portfolio that aims to obtain trademark protection from different jurisdictions. A simple online search would reveal that Netflix has filed several similar filings for the “SQUID GAME” mark in different jurisdictions including the US, EU, China, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Malaysia, to name a few.”

Although at the moment, according to Guzman, he hasn’t encountered any IP infringements in the case of “SQUID GAME”, but it is only a matter of time: “However, with the global popularity of this magnitude, it does not take long for certain entities to take advantage and ride on the show’s immense popularity by selling unlicensed merchandise. This is why certain trademark filings cover multiple classes which aim to provide the trademark owner exclusivity to produce tie-up merchandise within the classes covered by the registration.”

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