India’s IP development path through the publication of the book Chrysalis 

India’s IP development path through the publication of the book Chrysalis , the book Chrysalis , India’s IP development path, the publication of the book Chrysalis ,

India’s IP development path through the publication of the book Chrysalis 

Although The International Trademark Association’s Annual Meeting Live+’s event recently was the one that took all the spotlight in the media, however, little did the people know that next to that event, at a small reception, India’s IP development path through the publication of the book Chrysalis by Safir Anand was slowly simmering. 

Safir Anand is the author of Chrysalis and the creative genius behind many leading brands in India proffering inputs on brand strategy, business models, marketing, and commercial insights, blended with an astute mastery of IP Law. 

Safir’s career of over 25 years reconnoitered multiple facets of monetization with his sagacity, adding to accruing diverse recognitions on numerous global platforms. 

Accredited as India’s Top Attorney, Safir Anand is the Senior Partner & Head of Trademarks, Contractual & Commercial IP at Anand & Anand.

Joining Safir Anand at this event was Mr. Pravin Anand, an IP trailblazer in India respectively, and also one of the pioneers in the entire Asia region and the world’s IP fields. He has strengthened India’s IP jurisprudence with a practice encompassing all areas of IP litigation including patents, copyright, design, trademarks, enforcement, and dispute resolution.

His approach in and out of court broke new grounds in Intellectual Property Rights and today, from Christian Louboutin to Cartier, from pharma to tech majors to policymakers, and from art to entertainment, Pravin represents the most famous brand owners, leading industries, and eminent personalities who rely on his matchless experience for protection of their Intellectual Property.

Introduction of the author of the book

Greeted and hosted by Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti, the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, the reception was the celebrating platform not just for the book’s release but also for the firm’s success in the practice of intellectual property law.

Opening the event at the reception at Washington’s Historic Willard InterContinental Hotel, Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti welcomed the Anands: “Pravin Anand and Safir Anand need no introduction. They are the pillars of the IP community. Their contributions have been remarkable and unparalleled.”

Describing the relationship between himself and Pravin Anand – Managing Partner at Anand and Anand with a career spanning over 4 decades, Tirumurti remarked: “I have had the privilege of knowing him for some time. He has been a pioneer (trailblazer).”

Publication of the book Chrysalis

The book Chrysalis is Safir Anand’s compilation of brand stories, bringing out the role that IP has played in the journey of some of India’s most illustrious brands, including Hindustan Unilever, Godrej, Mahindra, Tata, Taj, and others. 

Not just in the private sector, the book is so well-known and includes professionality that it was selected by the jury for launch at the Jaipur Literature Festival last year.

On this matter, Tirumurti doesn’t hold back his compliments: “When you read the book, you see not just the unfolding of the colors of the butterfly, but you’ll also see the unfolding of the passion of Safir Anand. Passion not just for IP, but passion for all things good in life.”

Describing the motivation behind the book, Safir Anand said that the inspiration behind Chrysalis stemmed from the Covid-19 crisis: “The book is a showcase of the transformation of Indian brands.

Safir Anand said this while presenting the book’s first copy in the United States to the Ambassador.

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