Types of trademark in Singapore

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Types of trademark in Singapore

What is type of trademark in Singapore?

Trademark is defined as “A mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include the shape of goods, their packaging and a combination of colours”. (Trade Marks Act, 1999).

A trade mark is a sign such as a word, device, brand, shape, color or any combination of these elements, which is capable of being graphically represented and being used by a person in the course of trade to distinguish his goods or services from another person’s. In Singapore three-dimensional signs (shapes) and sounds can also be registered as trademarks, however trademarks based on taste and smell are not recognized.

There are three main types of trademarks for products in Singapore: Collective/Certification marks; Conventional trade marks; Non-Conventional trademarks. See the section below for a detailed list of trademarks used in Singapore.

Three main types of trademark in Singapore

Collective/Certification marks

Collective mark: Serves as a badge of origin to distinguish goods or services of members of a particular association from non-members.

Certification marks: Serves as a badge of quality to guarantee that goods or services have been certified to have a certain characteristic or quality.

Conventional trademarks

Work mark: Works or any character that can be typed.

Figurative mark: Pictures, images, or graphics.

Composite mark: combination of words/characters/ and images/graphics.

Non-conventional trademarks

3D shapes: 3D shapes of goods/packaging represented by line drawings or actual photos showing different views.

Colour(s): Colour with no pictures or works.

Sound, Movement, Hologram, or others: Graphical representation of these marks is required.

Aspect of packaging: containers or packings in which goods are sold.

It seemed the Singaporean Intellectual Property (IP) legal framework is very comprehensive due to almost all kinds of brands are used in Singapore. Taste and smell, however, have not been recognized yet.

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