Philippines: implementation of Sui Generis to enhance GIs protection

Philippines: implementation of Sui Generis to enhance GIs protection

Philippines: implementation of Sui Generis to enhance GIs protection

Following the approval of the Bureau of Trademarks (BOT) and Director General of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), Rowel S. Barba, the GI Rules & Regulations were published.

According to the new regulations, GI is “any indicator that designates a good as coming from a territory, area, or location, where a specific quality, reputation, or another characteristic of the good is largely attributable to its geographical origin and/or human factors.”

Local goods that meet the criteria for GI protection will henceforth have a unique registration process under the sui generis regime due to the particular measures required to appropriately protect them and carry out the 1997 IP Code’s aim of employing IP for development.

The agricultural and handicraft industries are expected to benefit the most from the GI guidelines, which would also encourage traditional and indigenous Philippine goods.

Sui generis According to Ros, the country’s GI register will, among other things, expedite efforts to safeguard our cultural heritage and identity.

The GI legislation marks a major shift for the Philippines because, unlike most ASEAN nations, it has been ignoring the economic and cultural potential that GI may offer.

The GI regulations are to protect and promote the domestic labor and creativity industry that goes into producing the local agricultural goods, foods, handicrafts, and other valuable IP products that serve as the engines for economic growth and international recognition.

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