IPOPHL cooperated with APPI to promote IP protection

IPOPHL cooperated with APPI to promote IP protection, IPOPHL cooperated with APPI, Patent Agents Qualifying Examinations, Association of PAQE Professionals Inc.

IPOPHL cooperated with APPI to promote IP protection

In order to promote IP protection, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Association of PAQE (Patent Agents Qualifying Examinations) Professionals, Inc. (APPI). The cooperation between the 2 renowned organizations will boost IP awareness, education for the young students, along with the development of programs to further strengthen the partnerships with its stakeholders.

With the aim to boost IP education and patent agent professionalization, on September 7, IPOPHL Director General Rowel S. Barba and current APPI President Editha R. Hechanova have signed the MOU in a virtual ceremony. 

The Association of PAQE Professionals Inc. (APPI) is the sole association of patent agents in the country and is a non-profit organization made up of certified patent lawyers and agents that represent inventors.

The newly signed MoU includes a framework for IP rules talks, research exchange, and joint conferences and seminars over four years.

Over a year of drastic IP sights in the Philippines, this change is supposed to lift the economy in the country up and thrive even better than before the Covid-19 crisis along with the relief of Covid-19 restrictions. 

The MOU establishes a framework for cooperation that includes discussions aimed at: 

  • Improving IP rules and policies; 
  • Exchange of research, information, experiences, and educational materials that will help both organizations to thrive and develop together; 
  • Public awareness campaigns through joint conferences, seminars, and capacity-building activities.

Expert opinions

Hechanova of the HECHANOVA Group’s intellectual property law practice referred to the inked MOU as a “milestone” in their relationship: “APPI is happy to be collaborating with IPOPHL on subjects relevant to the patent agent profession with the ultimate goal of elevating it to the level of other licensed professions.” 

She further adds: “Such professionalization means raising the patent agent job to ‘the level of other licensed professions.’” 

Barba – Director General of IPOPHL said: “Through this MOU, our relationship will generate impactful results in our shared aim of encouraging innovation and an atmosphere that acknowledges and fosters research and development and creativity.” 

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