IP Accelerator program of Amazon officially launched in India

IP Accelerator program of Amazon officially launched in India, Intellectual Property Accelerator in India

IP Accelerator program of Amazon officially launched in India

Recently, Amazon has launched its Intellectual Property Accelerator (IP Accelerator) program in India. This program will allow sellers/brand owners in Amazon access to IP specialists and legal firms at all times. If these small and medium-sized businesses encounter difficulties or are in a need of answers to IP problems that arise in their business activities, they can contact these IP law firms on Amazon.in and Amazon websites in every corner of the world to help them deal with the IP difficulties, including support/advice with the protection of their trademark/brand and legal aids in the fight against IP infringement, if any.

People often mistake Amazon’s working method with questions like “Can I register a trademark in Amazon?”. However, it should be noted that businesses can not directly register a trademark in Amazon. In fact, Amazon is merely an intermediary platform for businesses that need IP filing and registration services. Through Amazon, businesses can conduct their own due diligence and negotiations to utilize the most out of this e-commerce platform. 

The IP accelerator program of Amazon will be most beneficial for businesses that have little to no access to law firms and want to seek IP protection. In brief, this program will greatly help with the thriving of businesses in India with the protection of their IP rights.

Not just dealing with the immediate threat when a business encounter IP problems but this program will also raise the awareness of Indian businesses about Intellectual Property rights in general. That is, from now on, with the idea of this program, businesses will actively seek information about IP and has a closer connection with IP firms and consequently, raising society’s awareness about IP and standards of the future generation of businesses.

Expert Opinions

Mudit Kaushik, Counsel, ZeusIP Advocates LLP in India stated that Amazon’s intense expansion and investment into India indicates their intent to fully dominate the Indian market.

“India’s 3 trillion worth economy could be one of the reasons Amazon has considered setting up the IP accelerator here. In addition, there is a serious concern over intermediary obligations and obligations of a marketplace to safeguard its seller’s and vendor’s rights in India, which is still at a very nascent stage. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon are perhaps looking to take prospective and pre-emptive measures to ensure that disputes between and against its sellers and other brands are kept to a minimum,” said Mudit Kaushik.

Kaushik adds that this program is going to have a positive impact on the businesses in India because before, IP rights and IP-related matters are not taken seriously by all businesses and are not often given priority by small and mid-level businesses.

“There is little awareness amongst smaller businesses, and this initiative by Amazon will create a great impact. Amazon has become a highly prominent and dominant e-commerce company in India. Their efforts to promote the importance of protecting a brand name, whether it is by making trademark application filing receipts and registration certificates mandatory for sellers or by setting up this IP Accelerator is rather commendable. This effort might create some chaos for businesses that do not have brand names registered or even applied for but is surely going to help them incentivize them towards filing trademark applications and protecting their brand name,” Kaushik continued.

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