Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property cooperated with the FBI to tackle IP infringements 

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property cooperated with the FBI to tackle IP infringements, Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property cooperated with the FBI, the FBI, FBI

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property cooperated with the FBI to tackle IP infringements 

In September 2021, Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property cooperated with the FBI to tackle IP infringements that have been plaguing Indonesia for a long time.

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP)’s collaboration with the FBI marks the first time in history this organization has partnered with the United States’s intelligent office to counter IP problems.

Furthermore, The FBI is also working with the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) to investigate the sale of piracy and counterfeit at physical marketplaces and online marketplaces, as they have data on the United States’ industries.

The partnership between Indonesia and United States aims to address the problem of piracy and counterfeiting in e-commerce sites and brick and mortar stores.

Not just the FBI and the Bareskrim, but the IP task force also includes other reputable organizations such as the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency, Communications and Information Ministry, and the Customs and Excise Directorate-General.

The USA and Indonesia’s determination to tackle IP problems in Indonesia is a response to the issuance of the 2021 Priority Watch List (PWL) by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). Indonesia is on the PWL due to widespread piracy and counterfeiting and, in particular, the lack of enforcement against counterfeit products.

Expert opinions

Risti Wulansari, a partner at K&K Advocates in Jakarta: “From our view, this is a very positive thing. Knowing that they are now in line to work with the FBI is a breakthrough because now the Director-General really wants to see that the effort is actually going on. The plan is that in 2022, they’re planning to have Indonesia move out from the Priority List. It is very hopeful that it can happen eventually because now we see the commitment from the different departments is there because the Director-General is actually showing the efforts for that to happen.”

Wulansari further added: “They are taking all the information that is required to have this done properly like they have this analysis or lessons learned on how the FBI would do this. And I think they will have these implemented in having the Task Force to work appropriately and properly.”

Wulansari also added that one of the core contributing reasons behind this move by Indonesia’s government is the recently published WIPO’s Global Innovation Index 2021. 

Currently, Indonesia ranked 87th in the Index among 132 countries, sliding two notches lower from its 85th position in 2020.

She believes that the DGIP is trying to become one of the top IP offices in the world and the first step is to improve its ranking in the Global Innovation Index. 

According to her, the government has a five-year plan in which the increase of IP registrations and improvement of IP and innovation are among the indicators. 

Stating about the efforts made by the DGIP and the Indonesian government, Wulansari complemented: “The IP office of Indonesia is actually now doing something. IP infringement in Indonesia has multi-dimensional problems now. Not only will they benefit the infringer, but in some cases, they also cross the dimension to also fund some terrorism and all those things that, on a larger scale, may impact Indonesia as a whole, so even though it may be seen as a small step, I think it’s a step that needs to be considered and appreciated.”

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